August 4 - 7, 2016

This years MHM is a shout out to the jock in all of us! All weekend we'll be celebrating the scooters and the sports, the thrill of competition without the agony of defeat and both kinds of football! Grab as much gear with 3 stripes and suit up for the shenanigans!! The following outline is subject to increase with goodness as it pours in...

Thursday Aug 4: You know the only way to win is practice, practice, practice! We always get 'em going at Nallen's Irish Pub!

Friday Aug 5: The 1st ever Track Suit Show at The Abbey Tavern! Everyone is invited to put together a single song show featuring the style and talents of your very own! The audience will judge on Best Male/Female/Club/couple/group. Prizes and trophies will be awarded.

Saturday Aug 6: DCD 9/18 Hole Poker Race. Clubs and groups will compete for bar tabs in today's ride to the many wonderful sporty spots across our great city. From the fields at Dick's to the road around MileHigh it's up to you to hit them all during the day. Instagram yourself and your Club/group in front of each 'hole' and everyone will enjoy the slide-show during the evenings dance party with DJ Quid!! (Locations TBD)

Sunday Aug 7: It wouldn't be Mayhem without a victory parade throughout our gorgeous parks and parkways that ends at our beloved Skylark and Sportique! Gymkhana is skills with a soccer ball so HEADS UP show offs! Awards and the original 'most epic rally raffle' will end the weekends competition.